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Date: 12/25/2020
Location: 120 Essex St West Footscray 3012
Contact Phone: 0432240431
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To our beloved family and friends 

As you know, we are expecting our first baby in December. We are very excited for our new arrival and we can't wait to celebrate love and new life with you, at an unknown time in the future.
2020 has been a challenging year for all, full of disappointing setbacks and unexpected silver linings. Personally, we feel blessed to not have been too negatively affected by the unforeseen circumstances.
For us, the hardest part of the restrictions has been not being able to share our pregnancy with you. We had grand plans to host a huge party to allow our families to meet and we are deeply saddened that we may not have the chance before the baby arrives. However, we are still naive to the pressures of parenthood, so we do plan to host a party at some point. All that we can do is surrender to the unknown that the future holds.
Many of you have asked us if there is anything we need, and have expressed your desire to gift us with the necessary items for a new baby. This is why we have complied this gift registry. So please know, this registry is a no obligation invitation to purchase us something because you may desire to do so.
The registry has been carefully curated to only include items that we need, and a small amount of items we want. We would like to keep our baby items to a minimum, as much of the baby paraphernalia that is advertised these days is simply unnecessary. We have been lucky to inherit lots of clothes and blankets, so we don't need any more. We also know how exciting it is to buy cute gifts for a new baby, and we don't want to take that experience away from you. If you would like to purchase a toy or stuffed animal for the baby we request natural materials (no plastic) in muted natural or pastel colours. In fact we would love a rattle and some of those soft cloth animal things babies seem to love. Also, kids can never have too many stuffed animals.
Another idea for a cute gift would be for any artists out there (you know who you are) to create some artwork to hang on the nursery wall.
Please note, you cannot purchase the gifts directly from this registry.
Please follow the instructions in the gift description for purchasing each item.
This may include visiting an online store direct and having the item sent to us or contributing a partial dollar amount to a gift.
If you are contributing a partial payment or if the item states that we will purchase it ourselves, you willl be offered the option of sending the money with PayPal. If you prefer, you can transfer the money direct to our bank account. Please put your name and the gift name in the description.
Account name: Joe and Elise
BSB: 923 100
Account Number: 67562622
Please contact Elise if you are unsure about any instructions or specifications.
If you need to have a gift delivered to our home, our address is:
120 Essex Street West Footscray 3012
If you would like to visit after the baby is born, you are very welcome to do so.
Please just call before you come.
Elise: 0432240431
Joe: 0402400570
When you visit you may like to bring a home cooked meal, ask us if there is anything we need from the shops on your way, or offer to do some light housework.
All of these small tasks will be greatly appreciated by sleep deprived new parents.
We hope you are all keeping safe, healthy, and well. Super looking forward to squeezing you all when it's safe to do so, and we are certain the baby is excited to meet you too xoxx
Elise, Joe and Baby Foreman.

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Note: Gifts can not be purchased on this site directly
Once you have finished selecting the gifts you wish to purchase, please click proceed
Note: Gifts can not be purchased on this site directly

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Registry Closing Date: 12/25/2040
Gifts Added: 13
Gifts Available: 13
Price Range Available: 80.00 - 9,999.00