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Christina & Zac's Baby Shower

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Date: 23/01/2022

Hi Peeps,

Thanks to all of you for joining us in this ridiculously scary but mainly exciting chapter of our life.

A massive thank you goes to our lovely friends Elaine, Christine & Simone and whoever else is landing a hand to organise us this baby shower, we feel very special!

We are aware that Covid is high on everyone’s radar so we understand that some of you may rather choose to stay home then socialising in a big event so please don’t feel pressured to come, we will still Love you just as much.

We made a little wish list with things we still need before our little Baby girl arrives. We are all for Gender specific shopping so feel free to buy colourful and flowery (no judgement needed) ??

We are happy for second hand products but would like anything skin related to be natural products please.

We are looking forward to spending the day with you all. With, or without presents please come and join us. Elaine will be in charge of the details.

We are also going to open a go fund me account in case you guys cant make it but would like to contribute to our piggybank for the 1000’s of diapers to come :p

So much Love to you all!

Christina & Zac, Nala & Eevee


and our Easter bunny