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Reikki's Baby Shower

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Date: 15/05/2021
Contact Phone: 0402 079 078
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I'm incredibly excited for this new season in our lives, we look forward to welcoming our little bean into this world. 

In order to help us prepare and care for our little one, we have put together as list of items. We are so grateful for your support and the blessing it is to raise our little bean alongside people like you! I can't wait to celebrate with you!




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Baby Health (10 Items)
Nursery Needs (11 Items)
Baby Clothes (7 Items)
Out & About (4 Items)
Books (6 Items)
Something for Mum (6 Items)
Baby Toys (1 Items)
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Registry Closing Date: 16/05/2021
Gifts Added: 46
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