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Monique's Bridal Shower

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Date: 4/24/2021

Dear Family & Friends,

As you would all know, Michael and I are about to embark on two of our biggest journeys yet, marriage and purchasing our first home. We are so very excited for what's to come.

Please don't feel pressure, the absolute biggest gift of all is finally being able to celebrate this milestone with all the main women in my life, and if you prefer not to get a gift then any gesture you like is greatly appreciated. 

The registry is a list of things that will help us along the way.

All my love,

Monique xx

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Kitchen (22 Items)
Bathroom (2 Items)
Towel Sets Sheridan View More Detail $49.00 4
Towel Sets Sheridan View More Detail $29.00 4
Bedroom (2 Items)
Lounge Room (1 Items)
Tefal Iron Tefal View More Detail $139.00 1
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Registry Closing Date: 4/25/2021
Gifts Added: 28
Gifts Available: 27
Price Range Available: $10.00 - $199.00