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Baby Bradley's Baby Shower

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Date: 8/10/2019

For those who would like to give a gift, here are some ideas of things we might find useful :)

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Brand More Detail RRP Quantity Take Gift
Clothes (9 Items)
Feeding (4 Items)
Nursery Items/Sleeping (7 Items)
Changing (2 Items)
Bathing (4 Items)
Health (3 Items)
Fun (2 Items)
Books Any View More Detail - 9
Toys Any View More Detail - 10
For Mum and Dad (3 Items)
Taken Gifts [Show All Taken Gifts]
Change Table Unsure View More Detail $200.00 1 paid for
Baby Bath Any View More Detail $0.00 1 taken
Changing Pad for Change Table any View More Detail $0.00 1 taken

Registry Information

Registry Closing Date: 8/11/2019
Gifts Added: 37
Gifts Available: 34
Price Range Available: $49.00 - $500.00