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Michael and Belinda's Wedding

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Date: 9/11/2019

The following are gift ideas, some have more of a description. Once you know which gifts you would like to buy, select those gifts in the 'Take gift' check box and then 'Click to proceed'. When you finish the process the gift will be removed off the list so that somebody else doesn't buy the same gift. Gifts cannot be purchased directly on this site, you still need to go out and buy the gift in a store. "Purchasing" the gift on this site only removes it off the list so somebody else doesn't buy the same gift.

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Kitchen (11 Items)
Bedroom (3 Items)
Bathroom (1 Items)
LoungeRoom (3 Items)
Laundry (5 Items)
Outdoors (3 Items)
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Registry Closing Date: 3/11/2020
Gifts Added: 44
Gifts Available: 26